New tool to predict retinal detachment after OGI

January 10 2014

A scale developed by researchers in the US may help ophthalmologists identify patients at high risk of retinal detachment following open globe injury (OGI).
An OGI is a serious eye trauma which occurs when the wall of the eye has been ruptured and can lead to permanent loss of vision. Retinal detachment can occur after the injury, although often not until days or weeks after the initial trauma.
Looking at data from 892 patients diagnosed with an OGI between 1999 to 2011, a team from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston in the US, found that 29% of the patients went on to develop retinal detachment.
The analysis showed that patients more likely to develop retinal detachment were older, had a poorer visual acuity and were more likely to have a reduced pupil response to light or a vitreous haemorrhage.
As a means of identifying the risk of retinal detachment following OGI, the team came up with the retinal detachment after open globe injury (RD-OGI) score. The scale provides a percentage probability that a patient may develop retinal detachment and is based on a number of clinical variables, including; the type of OGI sustained by the patient; their perception of light; and if they can count the number of fingers on the physician’s hand at varying distances.
Dr Dean Eliott, lead author and associate director of the Retina Service at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, said: “The RD-OGI score may be useful to help the ophthalmologist predict which patients are at a higher risk for retinal detachment after open globe trauma.” 
The research was published in Ophtalmology (paywall protected).

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